Monday, October 3, 2011

Heroku Pricing Explained

For newbies to Heroku, the pricing is not easy to understand at first.

You can refer to the article: how much a dyno cost?

In short, you need to know Heroku charge by dyno hours. And there are 2 type of dyno:

  1. Web Dyno
  2. Worker Dyno
And for each app, you are given 750 free dyno hours!

So if you run 1 web dyno for 400 hours, and 1 worker dyno for 400 hours, that means you spend 800 dyno hours. Subtracting from the free 750 hours, you would therefore be billed 50 hours. 

Dynos cost $0.05 per hour, so 50 hours cost you $2.50.

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