Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free SMS API - Zeepmobile

SMS does have a cost and so a free SMS API that sends everywhere is impossible.

But Zeepmobile claims that. They have a catch of course.

Ads will be appended to the SMS send. To use an ad-free version, you have to subscribe to $9.95/month.

Zeepmobile is also not suitable to be used for SMS marketing. This is because to use the API, the users need to explicitly subscribe first. Developers are required to implement this subscription step.


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  2. Sadly, they have shut down the service.

    From their website

    "On August 1st, 2012, we're shutting the door"

    and why that is so?

    "After two additional years of operation and expenses (thanks Vibes!) we realize it's time to discontinue the Zeep service so that we can be 100% focused at our mission at Vibes."

    This is a thing about cloud service that we need to be aware of. By using these service, we are linking the fate of our infrastructure with that of external service provider.

    Maybe now is the time to have a cloud infrastructure monitor and service risk monitor.

    1. Thanks for the update.

      Yep, sadly, they have shut down.

      I believe the cost of providing "free" sms is not a feasible business model.

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