Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pusher: Another real-time push vs PubNub

In my last post, I mentioned PubNub as a popular real time push service.

There a similar service, call Pusher.

There are some differences. Technically, Pusher uses Websocket while PubNub uses Http Streaming/Long Polling techniques.

But both techniques work pretty well, so that aside, let's look at their pricing.

The difference in pricing is that Pusher is somehow simpler and better than PubNub. Pusher does not have a "channel" concept. That means you can have as many connections in a single channel even with their lower tier plans! Pusher does not make channel part of their pricing!

Another the number of from messages Pusher looks to be more.

If I will to use PubNub, looks like the highest tier Galaxy plan is the only choice to go.

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