Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zapier, the ifttt for developers

Zapier provides a similar service to ifttt, that is to connect web services easily (via API, but without any programming knowledge).

For example, when you have a new Trello card, you can trigger to send a Twilio SMS.

I blogged about ifttt, and that an API might be coming. Zapier just done that.

I have tried adding my RESTful API to Zapier platform, and it took me just 1 hour. Our API wasn't even Perfect, and I took an additional minute to use their scripting API to make things work.

Awesome job, Zapier!


  1. Junda,

    check out onx done by microsoft labs for the android phone. If you like IFTT and Zapier then you'll be equally impressed with onx....more mobile centric!

    This is going to go spaces

  2. Full source code samples about it ?