Friday, August 5, 2011

What is an API Developer Advocate?

In my first introduction post, I introduced myself as a Developer Advocate.

So what is an API developer advocate?

He is a mix of a few personalities:

  • Developer – He has to know how to write codes. He might not be the best coder, but he needs to know the basic. After all, he talks to developers. Speaking a common language is a big plus.
  • Hacker – He must have a love for hacking. Given knowledge of an API, he should know what fun apps he can "hack up". There must be elements of both love and fun during hacking.
  • Business Development – He needs to understand how APIs can evolve businesses for others. He needs to be able to step into their shoes, and think how an API can benefit others.
  • Sales and Marketing – He also needs to help convert leads to sales. Attending developer conference/workshop and drinking beer are common activities.
A good example of developer advocates comes from Google. They have a big team to advocate on their products.

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