Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Warning: Urban Airship Pricing is Much Steeper Than Competitors

I used to be an advocate for Urban Airship when it comes to sending push notifications.

They are the very first to provide a simplified solution to iOS push notification, and they even offer 1 million push messages per month, for free (which competitors all follow).

But thereafter, it will cost 0.1 cent per push message.

Let's compare the pricing with Parse.

API Provider Per message      Per 1 million message     
Urban Airship      0.1 cent ($0.001) $1,000
Parse 0.007 cent ($0.00007) $70

So, Urban Airship costs 14 times (1000/70) of Parse!

Parse is the obvious choice to me.

I would have choose Parse if it was available in 2009. But it's not late to switch.

What's more, Parse offer not just push messaging. It includes a very awesome mobile cloud backend, signup module with Facebook/Twitter, lost password, push from clients over channels, cloud code, very good documentation, SDKs, etc...

I now advocate for Parse.


  1. Airship's page shows $0.001 per notification:
    So, cheaper than Parse in the end?

  2. $0.001 = 0.1 cent

    I should update the post to put in the $0.001 notation too. Thanks.

  3. sends 6 messages to unlimited devices for free.
    If you need more, they have a unique package creator where you choose only the features you really need. You can send unlimited messages to unlimited devices for $149

    NOTHING can beat that! Surely not Urban Airship.

  4. I have been struggling with Google Cloud Messaging yesterday, then the fact dawned upon me that my client will be using a custom build of Android which most probably won't have play store at all :D
    Came across parse and UAs, will go for parse most probably since your blog and a few others recommend parse.
    cheers :)

  5. Hey Junda,

    Element Wave is a great alternative: major focus on real-time analytics and geo-targeting. It's also super easy to integrate and a whole lot cheaper! They offer unlimited push and an API to send scheduled/automatic push messages.
    Check it out on
    Real-time user analytics and in-app messaging for your mobile app



  6. I recommend you try PushApps - Push Notifications Service
    I know that I'm bribed because I'm one of the co-founders but give it a try.

    Free Plan - 1M Push Notifications, 100K Devices, 5 apps, statistics, full tech support and more.

    $19.99 per month - Unlimited Push Notifications, 5M Devices, 15 app, API, scheduled, Segments, code review, custom data and more

    $49.99 - Unlimited Push, devices and applications and all the features you need.

    check out the documentation PushApps Home - PushApps - Confluence
    and see how easy it is to use.


  7. If you are interested in making apps for your business, you can have a number of technical frameworks to choose from. Few of them includes HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, parse push, Ionic mobile app development and more.

  8. After much research, I will be going with Infobip push as a premium service, they integrate with Titanium and have fantastic features and unlimited push. Urban airship is way overpriced and am not sure on Parse's reliability.