Friday, March 22, 2013

The 5 laws of API dates and times

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In short:

Law #1: Use ISO-8601 for your dates
Law #2: Accept any timezone
Law #3: Store it in UTC
Law #4: Return it in UTC
Law #5: Don’t use time if you don’t need it

NoSQL Style (Gangnam Style Parody for Geeks)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Should developers pay to join a hackathon?

I recently pondered this question..

There have been many times where I have seen hackathons that require developers to pay to join. As much as $50.

I understood that organizing a hackathon is not easy. It requires a lot of logistics, and not to forget the very important element - FOOD.

But many of the hackathons are sponsored by big companies such as Google/Amazon/Blackberry. So the costs are covered.

Then why still ask for $$?

PS: I understood some community hackathons have no sponsors, and it is perfectly fine that developers chip in money to buy a couple of pizzas.

Apptentive - In-app survey for mobile

In a previous post, I mentioned Neemware as a mobile SDK for customer feedbacks.

I tried Neemware and it is useful, especially for conducting surveys.

There is another similar service - Apptentive.

Apptentive looks equally good. I have not tried, and would be happy to hear your comments!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SaneBox understand customer needs

SaneBox adds sanity to your crazy email lifestyle.

If you yet to know what it is, read this and sign up (referral link).

Today, I received the usual daily digest at 4pm, and to my surprise, they added a new feature.

They have added 3 buttons:
  • Delete All
  • Mark All as Read
  • Archive All
They seems to have understood that every time I read the digest, I will press Command+Shift+U on my Apple Mail app. That is, I have "read" them all.

Nice feature.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Good Alternatives to Google Reader

As you probably already knew, Google Reader will be shutting down. It's not an April Fool joke.

There are many good, much better alternatives RSS reader.

My favorite is feedly.

While netizens start to suggest alternatives, I stumbled upon newsblur, and found their pricing funny.

For $24/year, you help to feed poor Shiloh (the dog). Nice try.

But I will use feedly for now, until my girlfriend finds out about my decision and ask me not to starve the cutie..

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Rellic now for Mobile Apps too

New Relic is a popular tool for web developers to monitor server load and crashes.

Recently, they have introduced New Relic for Mobile!

Similar to what it does for web developers, it now helps mobile developers track API calls (how long it took) and deliver crash reports.

This is however, not new. Crittercism and Crashlytics have been available for a long time.

I personally recommend Crashlytics, since they have been acquired by Twitter recently, and hence even their Enterprise version is free.